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Narkal gives farms, both big and small, the opportunity to allow the public an insight into their farming practices. By connecting with their community through, farms have a platform to highlight what they are doing to be eco-conscious and sustainable.

Farms on Narkal not only connect with their community, but can show what they are growing and producing. The Narkal Network provides consumers easy access to find out where a specific farm's produce and products are available. Farms also have the opportunity to share which restaurants, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and other suppliers they network with to bring their food to the dinner table.

How will Narkal benefit your Narkally Farm by standing out from your competition?

By posting your farm on, you are able to display how your operation is producing healthy and sustainable food. This allows consumers a quick and easy overview of your practices, as well as, what products you have available for them. Many individuals find it overwhelming to eat healthy or shop locally, because it takes time and energy to research all their options. takes this stress away by providing a community network sharing information. Our focus is simple: Healthy, Honest, Environmentally-Conscious.

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If the choice were easier to make, more and more people would choose to eat healthy, organic, local products. As a farmer, you could be making more eco-friendly choices knowing that there will be a high market demand for your product. Narkal is building a network aimed at connecting you with your future customers. By joining Narkal your farm has a unique opportunity to gain a strong, respected report with your community.

How is Narkal different from other organic certifications?

Other certification programs can be costly and time consuming. Typically, the farm has an application process, including fees and inspections from the agency. With certification programs the organization sets the rules and limitations for a farm to qualify. In theory, this appears to be a wonderful, smart way to govern the food system. However, these systems pose problems: a farm must produce a certain amount to qualify, a farm must be free from prohibited substances for 3 years, and a farm must renew their certification every year. Loopholes also occur, allowing for the use of some chemicals but not others. Where do we draw the line?

Narkal is not a certification program. is an online space to promote community policing of our food system. Instead of enforcing rules and regulations, Narkal allows the farm to connect with their target market, showing the public how their food is healthy and sustainably raised. It is up to the farm to be honest, and it is up to the Narkalites to find validity in how a farm has represented itself.

Future features Narkal is planning to benefit Farms

Narkal envisions more features of that will help farms easily connect with their customers. If you are a farmer, please sign up and Join Narkal Nation and select Farmer/Farm Owner to receive updates of our future projects geared to help local farms like yours.

**Check out the Narkal Lingo Page for Narkally Terms and Definitions