Frequently  Asked  Questions

Is Narkal free for me to use?

Yes! Narkal believes everyone should have free access to know what’s in their food and where it comes from.


We are dedicated to keep the Narkal App free for the public to use without covering our costs with annoying pop-up advertisements.


How can I get the Narkal App on my phone?

You can get the Narkal App icon on your smart phone for free.

            (with video)

            Go to Narkal MAPS

            Click on the Drop Down Menu

            Click on Add to Home Screen

            Tap ‘the box with the up-arrow’

            Scroll down to select ‘Add to Home Screen’

            Select ‘Add’

What should I be commenting on when Narking?

Narkal is unique to other restaurant review sites because it is focused on healthy and eco-friendly practices. When leaving comments, the number 1 thing to keep in mind is Narkal’s first value Honesty.

Just because a pub serves greasy fried everything, doesn’t mean it’s being dishonesty about the food that it serves! It’s not Narkal’s mission to run around and hate on every restaurant that offers unhealthy food… It is Narkal’s mission to call out restaurants that advertise their food to look healthier than it really is.

Make it easy, stick to what you know! Comment on a dish that you’ve tried. Only tag your posts with the Advance Search Filters on dietary restrictions you practice or are extremely familiar with. This will help everyone search to be faster and more accurate. 

Check out Proper Narking (link to Proper Narking) for more tips on leaving helpful comments.

What does Narkal do with my personal information?

Not very much actually! We are committed to maintain Narkal as a neutral space to exchange and search for information. At Narkal, we want to travel back to a simpler time before we felt the internet might be stalking our every move just so a company can turn around and advertise to us 30 seconds later.

Narkal needs bare minimum information for you to create an account. Your profile is sorted in our system using your email address. Narkal will not bother you with unnecessary emails unless you sign-up to be on one of our update lists.


In this first version of Narkal Maps, everyone’s profile is automatically kept private. Narkal 2.0 (link to Narkal 2.0 page) will have more options for you to display your profile as public if you choose.


How does Narkal generate money to keep operating?

Narkal 1.0 is free for the public to use and access, but it needs your help to continue building the features of Narkal 2.0. We are asking for donations via Indiegogo (link to Indiegogo Fundraiser Page) to help fund this portion of the project.


Narkal 2.0 offers restaurants the opportunity to display a more detailed profile page of their business for a small subscription fee. By subscribing, a restaurant is announcing to the public that it recognizes Narkal’s core values: Honesty, Healthy, and Eco-Happy. Click here to see more about our Future Features. (link to Future Features)

I’m a restaurant owner, how can I ensure my business is accurately represented on Narkal Maps?

First, we suggest creating your free personal user account and comment on your own restaurant. You can start the post by introducing yourself and be sure to highlight what your restaurant specializes in.

Also, you can Join Narkal Nation (link to Join Narkal Nation) and check the box confirming that you are a restaurant owner or manager. This will include you in our special email list to keep you informed when new Narkal features are released.

Set yourself up for Narkal 2.0! Check out our Indiegogo offer for restaurant owners (link to Indiegogo). By signing up and showing your support now, you will receive a great deal on your first year subscription when Narkal 2.0 launches.

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