FAQ's | Narkal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Narkal?

Narkal is an on-line space for people to share and discuss ideas regarding healthy food practices. Narkal provides a platform for honest, eco-friendly restaurants to be recognized. Our mission is to create a movement to improve the quality of what is accepted as “normal practices” in our food system.

How does Narkal Maps work?

When you search for a new restaurant on Narkal, you are able to use our advance filter system to accurately narrow your search. From there, you can view a restaurant’s profile, see feedback others have Narked, and get a quick glance of a restaurant’s Narkally Meter (How Narkally they think they are).

Why is the App Free to use?

In the movement to support eco-friendly businesses the saying “Vote with your dollar” comes to mind. Does that mean if you have more dollars you get more votes? 

Narkal levels the playing field to give everyone the same opportunity to have a voice, as well as, access to the same information. Restaurants and Farms can pay a small subscription to have a feature page. If they are honest about what makes them Narkally, a restaurant should receive positive feedback, resulting in more new customers. If a restaurant fibs or stretches the truth about how Narkally they are, it is up to our Narkal Neighborhood to expose the truth. The subscription fee from restaurants allows the Narkal App to operate free from distracting pop-up ads and misleading food tabloids.

Can I comment on a restaurant that hasn’t yet subscribed to Narkal?

Absolutely! The Narkal Network encourages you to share your Narkally experiences. We want to hear your story to encourage Narkally practices across our nation. Narkal’s development team is working hard to improve your user experience so these features run smoothly and efficiently.

As a Restaurant Owner, how can Narkal benefit my business?

Narkal gives you the opportunity to highlight positive acts you do and connects you with like-minded customers in your area. Your customer with a true appreciation for locally sourced produce or commitment to recycling is much more likely to recognize when they see a restaurant practicing these habits. This customer is also much more likely to rave to their like-minded friends about the amazing restaurant they found.

As a Narkal User, why does building a Narkal Profile Page benefit me?

The immediate benefit to using the Narkal App is access to information about Narkally restaurants in your area. By becoming a Narkal User you are able to join the conversation. Narkal invites you to have a voice and a seat at the table!

The value of building a Narkal Profile Page may appear more attractive to a Food Blogger, Nutrition Counselor, or even an Environmental Activist. Your page allows other Narkalites to view your opinions of restaurants you’ve eaten at. By including more information about your background, interests, and inspirations, a Narkalite may see commonality in your views. Narkalites can also like your page or choose to follow you giving them updates of your newest Narks and posts you make to discussion boards.

As a Food Blogger or Writer, Narkal can help connect you to a broader audience and also provide your current audience with a deeper insight to what type of restaurants you prefer and why.

I Love this concept! How can I get more people in my area involved?

The fastest, easiest way to spread Narkal in your Neighborhood is to share Narkal posts on social media and help get the word out there. The more informed Narkalites using Narkal Maps, the more information we will all have access to. If you're looking to get more involved, Narkal will be networking in target cities where the farm-to-table influence is most popular. If you would like to suggest your area (big or small) as a target Narkal Neighborhood, please send us a message through our Contact link.