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Read food labels?

Avoid certain unhealthy ingredients?

Try to buy organic & local

when it's available?



Put in this effort at home, yet

Quickly give up the trust & responsibility 

to a restaurant when we go out to eat?

Are they looking out for us?

What is Narkal

Narkal is your opportunity to know what's in your food when you go out to eat. Narkal also provides a platform for honest, eco-friendly restaurants to be recognized. Bringing this knowledge to the public will improve the overall quality of our food and our health.

Narkal is also a tiny flying narwhal that uses his superpowers to help you find healthy, honest restaurants that meet your dietary needs.

How you are already being Narkally

Chances are you are already making Narkally choices in your day-to-day life. Do you recycle when recycling bins are accessible? Do you choose organic or local produce when it's available? Do you read food labels and look at the ingredients list?

If you answered YES to these questions, chances are you already thinking about making healthier choices for yourself and the environment. The Narkal Project is building a bridge to connect individuals to this information so they can easily make better choices.

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