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 and Narkal Maps are both free for the public to access and use to search for Narkally restaurants. We all should have equal access to know what's in our food. Our mission at Narkal is to level the playing field, changing the popular phrase, “Vote with your Dollar” to “Vote with your Voice.” Supporting local businesses and buying organic are common values many of us agree are important. However, our financial budgets are not all equal when it comes to luxuries like dining out. This is why providing the public access to knowing what’s in their food is Narkal's mission, so you can make the best choices when you do go out to eat.

Anyone can download Narkal Maps or go to and search for Narkally restaurants near them. You can also use our advance filter system (The Narcons) to search for specific features you are looking for.

Want a coffee shop that specializes in Organic/Fair Trade, also has gluten free pastries for the friend you are meeting, and outdoor seating because the weather is gorgeous today?


Looking for an upscale dinner spot to take a client next week? You need a place that will take reservations, but if you remember correctly he’s vegan.


Vacationing in a ski town and would love to grab lunch, something that’s fresh, not served with plastic utensils and it would be awesome if they had a fireplace?

Hey Narkal!  What do you KNOW?!?

Anyone can search and Narkal Maps for restaurants. But, it takes becoming a Narkalite to post and share your experience on Narkal. Here’s where the magic begins!!

Becoming a
Narkalite is simple and free! Narkal just needs you to sign in using an email address or Facebook account. Why? To protect our Narkal Restaurants from the possibility of sabotage from dishonest users. At Narkal, honesty is in our top values. If a negative comment is made about a Narkal Restaurant, a restaurant may argue back it was falsely reported. Narkal wants to be able to investigate where the statements are coming from.

The Perks of becoming a Narkalite:

You can Nark new restaurants that aren't yet on the map. This means YOU have the power to put Narkally Restaurants on the map even before they subscribe to You can applaud a spot for their Narkally practices and share your experience with the Narkal Nation.

You can
Nark on naughty restaurants, too. Frustrated to find out one of your favorite places is cutting corners? Disappointed the ‘Green’ restaurant you tried out for lunch was more accurately ‘Green-Washing’ to appeal to customers? As a Narkalite, you can Nark’em!
Share your knowledge with the rest of us. Shed light on the situation. Next time we will all have the opportunity to choose a restaurant based on information you provided.

And…. You get your own Narkal Profile Page! 

Love taking pictures of your food and sharing it with the world? Are you a foodie, food blogger, or nutritionist? You can set up your Narkal Profile to feature your experiences, background, and interests.

Are you into food blogging or wish you were? With Narkal, your potential audience is engaged in reading opinionated posts to decide where to eat. If a person stumbles upon one of your posts and finds it intriguing or that your views match their dietary concerns, they can follow you and your posts. This is an incredible way to find new restaurants, and food writers, based on another Narkalite’s favorite spots.

**Check out the Narkal Lingo Page for Narkally Terms and Definitions