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Subscribing to be featured on Narkal Maps places your Narkally Restaurant in front of your target market—Narkally people. Now, restaurants have a platform to highlight and share all the little extra details they put in that otherwise might seem to go unnoticed.

Little mindful practices, like choosing local produce or recycling, may often cost a bit more money or take a few extra minutes, but in the end are better for our health and the health of the planet. Would your customers be more excited to support your business knowing you put in this extra effort? If you are putting in this extra effort, we’d like to make sure you get the pat-on-the-back you deserve!
Narkal wants to you to be recognized and stand out from other businesses that may be cutting corners.

Perks to Subscribing to Narkal:

Your company's Profile Page—Your Page is where you can personalize and  display your information and show off what your restaurant is doing that stands out as Narkally.

Representation on—Your restaurant will stand out on Narkal Maps with a colored Nark. This Nark shows users at a glance that you represent yourself as a Narkally Restaurant.

Your Narkally Meter Score—This is your chance to rate yourself on how Narkally your business is! By taking the Narkally Meter Quiz, you will earn a score of how Narkally your business is. This score is then used to determine what color your Nark will be on Narkal Maps.

Can a Restaurant appear on Narkal Maps even before subscribing?

Yes! A
Narkalite can Nark a new restaurant on Narkal Maps before the restaurant has signed up. By "Narking 'em!"​ a Narkal user can start a post for a restaurant to share their experience. This Nark will appear grey on Narkal Maps and will only include posts made by Narkalites.

*Examples of Narkally Acts include choosing fair trade or organic products, even though they may cost more; taking the time to separate trash into recycling and compost, even though it takes a little more time and effort.

**Check out the Narkal Lingo Page for Narkally Terms and Definitions