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3H Triangle

Keep in mind Narkal Values... follow this order:

     1 ) Honestydid the restaurant honestly portray how healthy their food is?

         We don’t have to attack a pub for serving bacon cheese fries.

         ...but, a company should be called out for over-emphasizing their menu to be healthy when it's not.

     2 ) Healthy—Is the food healthy?

          Is it as healthy as the restaurant makes it look?

          Does it fit into your personal *Dietary Preferences?

     3 ) Eco-Happy—How balanced is your meal with the environment?

          Is it locally sourced, or did it travel 6000 miles to get to your plate?

          Did your meal come wrapped in more paper and plastic garbage than actual food?

    Stick to what YOU Know

When marking your post as Appropriate For or Inappropriate For

What are your *Dietary Preferences? (This will be a little bit different for everyone.) 

~If you, your partner, or your child don't have a severe peanut allergy, you probably aren't an expert in recognizing a peanut hazard at a glance... and that's OK!

~If you've been a devoted vegan for 17 years, you can probably pretty accurately recommend if a restaurant would be an appropriate fit for another vegan.

~And, if you are an opportunivore, like most of us, (you’ll eat meat, plants and dairy… pretty much when it's available) but want to eat healthy… You are also in the right place! Just comment on what you know and what you’re experience is.

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How to Nark'em! (make a post)

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