Who is Narkal?

Narkal is a winged Narwhal, the size of a humming bird. his super-power characteristics allow him to fly over neighborhoods and see healthy practices, but also he sees greenwashing and too much pollution created by our food industry. He can swim through the seas and knows how much plastic and pollution we’ve created by out food industry. He also sees over fishing. His super powers — having a horn, wings, and fins — plus being super tiny, he possesses all these ideal characteristics. Are all these features attainable by one single being? Are all these Narkally features attainable by one single restaurant? 100% local, 100% organic, zero carbon footprint?… Let’s find out!Enter your text here...

Narkal Concept

The concept is to connect community to restaurants with higher values of healthy, local, sustainability. Help individuals find places to eat based on their personal dietary needs, food values. Narkal Creates a community of like-minded people with similar values and concerns for their food and their environment. Join us in this movement, supporting local, healthy practices to connect you with the best quality restaurants in your area.

Mission Statement

To create a community policing of our food system. By providing a place for Narkally restaurants to advertise, we give the voice back to the people — a voice to express what is important to them when they eat out.

Increasing the incentive for restaurants to strive to provide healthier food using healthier practices. Benefitting the customers, the restaurants, the farmers, and our planet.

What are Narkally Values?

Honesty — Marketing your menu in an honest way, providing accurate information regarding ingredients, food allergy information, and green practices.

Healthy — Sourcing local food, organic choices.

Heart felt — Passion for protecting our environment. Taking the extra step in recycling, and composting, choosing bio-degradable packaging.

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