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Hi! My name is Narkal

Welcome to the Narkal Neighborhood!

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My job at is to help guide people in choosing healthy restaurants by figuring out which companies are being honest and which are greenwashing to appeal to more customers.

Greenwashing is a term to describe dishonest marketing techniques companies use to make themselves appear Greener or eco-friendlier than they really are.

My fans think I have these “Super Powers.” Hahaha!!! I guess it could be true! Maybe it’s because I use a combination of my abilities to find out where their food is really coming from. When I lead them to super-awesome healthy restaurants, they get so excited!!! Sometimes we find out about toxic, nasty things in our food supply, too. This is unfortunate and we are all horrified to find out. When this happens, my fans are actually thankful that now they know the truth so they can avoid the unhealthy things that can make them sick or hurt the environment.

At first, most people think I’m weird or different. You see, I’m part narwhal so I can swim in the sea, and I have this special horn that scientists think might give me unique abilities to sense things in my environment. But I also have wings that allow me to fly through the air and see the world from above. I am also tiny by human standards. Heck! I’m actually tiny by narwhal standards, too. Baby, I was born this way!! 

Being so little allows me to peak into the back of restaurants to see what’s really going on back there, without anyone noticing.

Then I know for sure if I really want to eat there or not.

Gosh! I’m rambling on, like I’m giving you my life story… 

If you do want to hear my life story,

 you can check it out here!

My fans also tease me for having a ZERO carbon footprint… ‘cause I don’t have any FEET!!

This is why I was chosen to represent You humans seem to speculate I have all these magical, fantasy traits just because you’ve never seen an animal with all my features:

  • Mystical Horn
  • Elegant Feathered Wings
  • Glamorous Tail (that could make a mermaid blush)

Some people even question if I exist… Geeze!!!

The great people who started thought I’d be a great mascot that restaurants can relate to. At first, I assumed they picked me because they think I might be the perfect example—Ya know? —like I’m this “Ideal Role Model” to look up to since I have all these desirable traits (and my ZERO carbon foot print).

But then I figured out the real reason…

In a fictitious, fantasy world a restaurant could live up to all these ideal pressures of perfection:

  • 100% Organic
  • All Local, Fresh, Sustainably Sourced
  • Cater To Every Person’s Allergy Needs, Dietary Restrictions, Religious Beliefs And Customs
  • Recycle EVERYTHING
  • Create ZERO Waste
  • Use No Toxic Chemicals To Clean And Sanitize The Restaurant
  • All While Serving Delicious Food,
    • At An Affordable Price
    • In A Beautifully Decorated Atmosphere
    • By Pleasant Workers Who Are All Paid Livable Wages
  • AND At The End Of The Day Still Make A Profit To Stay Open

That restaurant can’t be real! After all, you guys are only human 

And this is why the Narkal creators chose me to represent their company... TO KEEP IT REAL!

I’m a reminder that our idea of absolute perfection maybe unattainable, but we can still be honest about our restaurant practices. And most importantly, we can all try to be a little bit more Narkally!

It was a pleasure to meet you!!! I gotta fly… but I hope you enjoy your visit to the Narkal Neighborhood!! Be sure to check out what’s on Narkal MAPS in your own hood while you’re here!!

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