Narkal (noun) A fictitious character. He is a cross between a narwhal, a unicorn, and a hummingbird. Narkal is a symbol of unattainable perfection by a single person or business.

Narking (verb) The act of making a post, comment, or rating regarding a restaurant on

Nark‘em! (verb) The command form of Narking.

Narkalite (noun) A person who signs up and uses

Narkally (adjective) Describes a business or person as sharing the same values as Narkal: healthy, honest, eco-friendly, etc. It can also be used to describe an action.

Example: Thank you, Anna, for picking up that piece of litter and recycling it properly. That act was very Narkally of you!

Nark (noun) 1. Narkal’s horn, used as a symbol to represent a Narkal restaurant on Narkal Maps. 2. A post made about a restaurant on

Narkon(s) (noun) Catagories that describe a Narkal restaurant. This system helps restaurants quickly identify what they have to offer to Narkalites. Each Narcon is represented by its own icon picture for easy recognition by customers.

Narkal Nation (noun) The whole group including individuals, restaurants, and farms who have signed up to join

Narkalation (noun) The movement of change created through by everyone collaborating information and sharing ideas to ignite a positive change in our food system.

Narkateer (noun) A person who works for or voluteers for Narkal. A Narkateer is a warrior armed with the power of Narkal!

Narkal Neighborhood(s) (noun) Concentrated groups of Narkalites and Narkal restaurants in one geographic area. As a Narkal Neighborhood, a group has a stronger advantage to ban together to share information regarding events and common concerns in their area.

Sparkle Narkal (noun) The biodegradable glitter that shoots out of Narkal’s blow hole when he gets excited—Usually as a result of discovering a new restaurant with Narkally practices.

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