A person who works for or voluteers for Narkal. 

They are warriors armed with the power of Narkal!

Ali Morgan


Ali Morgan was inspired to create to transform our restaurant industry after a morally-shaking work experience in Portland, OR in 2017. Over the last 20 years, Morgan has worked in over 25 restaurants and has experienced more than 10 additional jobs directly related to food and health. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from Illinois State University in 2006.

As the foundress of Narkal, Morgan designed an online space to connect individuals with restaurants expressing interest in Narkally values. Narkally values encompass topics of healthy, stainable, local sourcing, vegetarian & allergy concerns. She aspires to connect with passionate individuals to create a movement to raise the bar on what the industry considers the standard for “Going Green.”

Kala ~ Co Anchor

Kala Rose is currently Co-Anchor of Narkal News. She has voiced her opinion for better treatment of animals for over 5 years now. Her top concerns involve quality and quantity of food. She is also strongly opposed to gun violence.

Born on the remote island of Kauai, Kala was raised by local pig and goat hunters. In protest, she staged a strike resulting in a several month abandonment in the woods of Kōke'e. Though this experience, Kala learned to live off the land and be one with Mother Earth. 

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