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Narkal's Mission

Our mission is to connect you with the knowledge of where your food is coming from. By empowering people with this knowledge, restaurants will be incentivized to make healthier, environmentally-mindful choices. Our goal is help restaurants connect with new customers whose dietary needs match what their restaurant has to offer. Narkal highlights and applauds businesses striving hard to be environmentally conscious while providing healthy food. We are building a platform to share this knowledge, resulting in a better food system as a whole.

Why The World Needs Narkal

We Need to Know!! Now is the time! For far too long we’ve relied on government agencies to oversee the problems in our food system. These organizations are set up to protect large corporations, not to protect the health of us as individuals. We now have the opportunity to take the policing of our food system back into our own hands.

Narkal emerged as a way for us as the consumers to make more informed choices, the choice to know what we're really eating. Now is the perfect opportunity to form Narkal Nation to share this knowledge and find healthier ways.

The perfect storm is brewing! Now is the time to take action and choose to know what's in our food! Our society is now, more than ever, educated and informed on issues regarding health, nutrition, and the environment. Together we can unite and shift the supply-demand for healthy choices for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Narkal's Philosophy

Knowledge is Power! Now we can choose to know what's really in our food. Narkal is driven to give people a clearer choice through a stronger voice. By sharing our information in an easy-to-access format, Narkal will bring you transparency of issues you're concerned with in our food system.

Narkal gives people access to know

What’s really in their food, 

Where it comes from, and

Where the waste will go

Our Vision

By uniting together and sharing this knowledge as a community, we can raise the standards we set for our food industry. Narkal believes in strengthening our access to knowing what's in our food though connecting people from all sides of the food industry: customers, restaurant workers and owners, food bloggers, nutritionists and health educators, farmers, and restaurant suppliers. As Narkal grows, the overall quality of our food will improve because we will be able to encourage healthier practices and also expose greenwashing.

Narkal Nation Knows No Borders